Tumira FAQ
1. How can I register for Tumira?
You register on your cellphone by dialing *120*128# and filling in the relevant information.

2. Do I need to provide my Passport or ID book when registering?
No. Tumira does not require any ID documents because you are buying goods and not sending money.

3. How much does it cost to use Tumira?
It costs R20 per transaction. This cost excludes the Network provider USSD costs which 20 cents per 20 seconds

4. How does Tumira work?
Tumira has partnered with various shops/Merchants who list their goods or vouchers, which can be purchased on Tumira by customers and goods collected in a different country.
a. When a customer buys goods or a voucher on their cellphone using Tumira they receive a One Time Pin (OTP) via SMS giving them instructions on how and where to pay for goods or voucher bought.
b. Once the customer makes payment Tumira sends the customer another One Time Pin (OTP) with instructions on how and where to collect goods
c. The customer must send the collection One Time Pin OTP together with their reference to the person they want to collect goods in a different location
d. The person collecting must present the One Time Pin OTP together with the reference to the shop to collect goods only. No cash maybe withdrawn.

5. What happens if the SMS does not arrive?
The customer must phone the Tumira call center on +27 11 575 4298

6. Why is the customer not allowed to collect goods and cash?
The customer is not allowed to collect cash because Tumira is a store and not a money transfer company

7. Where can I pay for goods bought on Tumira
You can pay via your Internet Banking or at the till of the Shop instructed in the SMS

8. Can I pay using any Bank or do I need to have an FNB bank account
You can pay using any Bank but you should take note that if you use any other bank besides FNB it will take up-to 3 working days for your money to clear and for you to get the collection OTP

9. Where do can I see the branches where I can collect my goods?
On the Tumira website www.tumira.co.za under Merchants

10. What happens if my relatives donít collect goods for the full amount sent?
A new One Time Pin will be generated and sent to the customer who paid which can be used to collect goods from the same Merchant at a later time

11. Can I select actual goods on Tumira?
Yes but this depends on the Merchant/shop selected some Merchants only offer vouchers.

12. Do I need a smartphone to use Tumira?
No. Tumira works on any phone. All you need is to dial *120*128# to get started

13. What happens when the Rand falls and I have already bought goods on Tumira
Tumira will publish a weekly exchange rate and if the Rand falls during that time the customer will still collect goods to the amount based on the Weekly listed Exchange Rate.

14. What time can my relatives can my relatives collect goods
Any time during which the shop is open

15. What happens if I lose my cellphone which has the collection One Time Pin (OTP)
The customer must phone the Tumira call center on +27 11 575 4298 immediately

16. What happens if put in the wrong collection One Time Pin (OTP) when paying using my Internet Banking?
The customer must phone the Tumira call center on +27 11 575 4298 immediately if they donít get an SMS with the collection OTP

17. How long is the Collection OTP valid?
Goods must be collected within 7 working days

18. What happens if my relatives collecting cannot find the required goods in the shop?
They should try other branches of the same shop and if they cannot Tumira will refund the customer in full.

19. Is Tumira safe?
Yes. Tumira uses various encryption methods to make sure your information is safe and has a functionality to allow a customer to create a reference which only they know which is required during collection of goods.

20. Where can I send suggestions and complaints regarding the Tumira service?
You can e-mail to customer@tumira.co.za