Terms & Conditions
1. General introduction
1.1 “Tumira” is brought to you by IMD Innovations (Pty) Ltd (“IMD”) and is available in selected Merchants please see list on the website www.tumira.co.za.
1.2 To use Tumira, you first need to register for your Tumira account. This Tumira account is operated by IMD Innovations. The term “We” or “Us” shall mean IMD Innovations and selected Merchants.
1.3 Tumira gives you, the customer, the ability to buy goods or services using your cellphone and collect/redeem them in a different location from selected Merchants. The Tumira account does not afford you any banking, money transfer or credit facilities unless otherwise stated in the future.
1.4 All South African residents and non-residents, who have an operational South African cell-phone number, are eligible to register for a Tumira account, on a basis of one account only per customer (“qualifying criteria”).
1.5 Please read the terms and conditions set out below, carefully. If you do not understand any part of them or how they apply to you, or if you would like to get more information, please contact us with your questions or concerns. You can contact our Customer Care Centre at +27 11 575 4298 prior to opening an account or while using any of the services provided.
1.6 Please pay careful attention to clauses the clauses below because they include statements that are deemed to be acknowledgments of fact by you, or may limit and exclude your rights and remedies against Us and/or place various risks, liabilities, obligations and legal responsibilities on You.
2. Tumira Terms and Conditions
2.1 When you open a Tumira account, you enter into an agreement with Us and the following terms and conditions shall apply. By opening the account, you agree that you have read, have understood and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions.
2.2 We shall advise you of any change in these terms and conditions in the same way as outlined in section 2.3 below.
2.3 Products, service and fees
2.3.1 All products or categories will have a list price which includes value added tax of the country where goods are collected. Every transaction will attract a fixed fee of R20 which is payable upfront.
2.3.3 The following fees apply:

Transaction Type Transaction Fees
Buy and send cross boarder R20
Buy and send local R10

2.3.4 You can only collect goods at the store or group of stores that you selected when you bought the goods at your cellphone.
2.3.5 In the case of a customer not collecting all goods or the total value of the goods purchased a new OTP (One Time Pin) will be automatically generated and sent to the customer who purchased the goods.
2.3.6 No cash or change will be redeemed or claimed during goods collection.
2.3.7 Payment instructions will be sent to you on your cellphone via SMS. Cash payments will be made at specified stores/merchants.

2.4 Interest
You will earn no interest on the amounts held in your Tumira account in terms of goods paid for but not yet redeemed or goods redeemed partially.
2.5 Accessing your Account
You can only access your account and perform transactions by using your cell phone unless otherwise stated in the future.
2.6 Account closure and termination of this agreement
We have the right to close your account based on legal, compliance and other relevant considerations and where possible, upon reasonable notice to you. You also have the right to close your account. If you close your account, you must advise Us. The closure of your account shall result in the termination of this agreement. Closing your account shall be subject to your account being in good standing.
2.8 Dormant accounts
We have the right to close your account in the event that you do not comply with the rules, which apply to the use of your account, or you do not transact on your account for such a period as we, at our discretion, may determine from time to time. We will attempt to inform you in the event that we intend closing your account.
2.9 Change to personal information
You must keep us informed of any changes to your personal information. This includes changes to your name, surname, and cell phone number.
2.10 Risk in unauthorised transactions
Unless you formally instruct us to stop any unauthorised transactions on your account, you will bear the risk and loss resulting from the unauthorised transactions made. You must call the Customer Care Centre on to issue this instruction.
3.1 Personal data and information
3.1.1 When you open an account, you will need to supply us with the following information (“Opening Account Information”):
• First Name;
• Surname
3.1.2 You hereby consent to Us collecting, using and storing this information for the purposes of effecting the necessary processes required to validate the Opening Account Information and to open the Tumira account should all the qualifying criteria be met.
3.2 Tumira transaction account information
3.2.1 Once the Tumira account has been opened, you hereby consent to Us accessing, recording, storing and using the following information “(Transactional Information”).
(i) Transactional history, including but not limited to history of purchases, transactional amounts, date, time place, merchants, products and nature of transactions;
(iii) Contact details such as, but not limited to, your cell phone number.
3.2.2 For the duration of this Agreement, you consent to Us using this information for the purposes of:
(i) Transaction verification and authentication;
(ii) Fraud detection and risk management;
(iii) Improving our internal operations and efficiencies;
(iv) Targeted marketing of our goods and services to you;
(v) Targeted marketing of goods and services on behalf of third-party companies, when we believe that these offers may be of interest to you and in your interest.
(vi) Provision of analytical ratings about your transactional patterns and behaviors to third-party companies; and
(vii) Customer care data and information, including call centre reports and sales assistance information.
3.3 Protection of Information
We will ensure that the Opening Account Data and Transactional Account Data will not be used in an unauthorised manner.
3.4 Direct Marketing and Special Promotions
By entering into this agreement, you hereby consent to receiving special promotional offers on third-party goods and services. This may be marketed to you through Us and/or third parties that We select, via SMS, USSD, SmartApp, and/or other electronic means.
4. Things you need to know
4.1 You can contact Us for customer services via the following channels: Tumira Customer Care Centre.
4.2 Your Tumira PIN is strictly confidential. Do not disclose your PIN to anyone, and specifically not to any of our employees. In the event that your PIN is compromised, please contact the Customer Care Centre immediately or reset it using the reset option on your cellphone.
4.3 Your OTP (One Time Pin) used for making payments and collecting goods is strictly confidential. Do not disclose your OTP to anyone but your loved ones whom you want to collect goods or services on your behalf. In the event that your OTP for goods collections is compromised, please contact the Customer Care Centre immediately if the goods have not been collected we will resend it to you or stop someone from collecting goods.
4.4 When buying you asked to create a reference, do not share this reference with anyone but the person you want to collect goods on your behalf.
4.5 In cases of theft or fraud, we may require you to open a case with the South African Police Services.

4.6 In cases of access via USSD or internet application please note that your normal USSD and Data charges apply.