Creative ways to solve the cash crisis in Zimbabwe
Zimbabwe has in the past years endured inconceivable economic pressures, more so after the Zimbabwean Dollar Crushed in 2009. The crush of the Zimbabwean Dollar resulted in Zimbabwe adopting the use of multi-currencies such as the South African rand, United States dollar, Botswana pula and other for all transactions in Zimbabwe. The BusinessDay reported early this year that Zimbabwe was experiencing massive shortages of cash and Zim banks are unable to import cash to meet their clients’ demands and properly perform their financial intermediation role.
From mobile money transfers to mobile goods transfer
In the midst of the increasing popularity around mobile money transfers, let’s introduce you to a mobile goods transfer option.Of course not sending the physical goods, but an electronic platform that provides an easy and affordable way to facilitate the buying of goods in one area and the collection in another across and within African countries’ boarders. It has a catchy and innovative name to it, Tumira which means, “to send” in Shona and several other African languages.
Customer Experiences
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Introducing Tumira
With the economy in Zimbabwe starting to take another downturn and medical expenses rising, how can Zimbabweans abroad help with medicines and medical supplies? After a brief respite, the economy in Zimbabwe seems to be heading south again and people are struggling to access important healthcare services.When the economy takes a dive it is usually the most vulnerable who suffer which includes, the sick, children and women.
Assisting Zimbabweans and other Africans to buy medicine for their relatives back home
Introducing Tumira, the new, reliable and fast way to get medicines and other products to people in Zimbabwe. Tumira is an electronic mobile store, which helps people buy and pay for goods in one area and collect them in another using their cellphones. Tumira works in partnership with retailers/merchants, which are present in South Africa and other African.