Introducing Tumira

What is Tumira?
Introducing Tumira, the new, reliable and fast way to get medicines and other products to people in Zimbabwe.

Tumira is an electronic mobile store, which helps people buy and pay for goods in one area and collect them in another using their cellphones. Tumira works in partnership with retailers/merchants, which are present in South Africa and other African. These partners provide Tumira with a selection of goods or services which customers can buy/pay for the purposes of transferring them to a different location. Tumira also partners with African companies who donít have physical presence in South Africa but would like to target their Diaspora people to buy goods and services for their relatives back home. Tumira is made up of two main facilities:

  • Cross-border Facility Ė this is involves customers buying electronic vouchers which allow them to redeem goods/services in a foreign country from participating retailers
  • In country Facility - this is the same as the cross-border facility but the only difference is that the goods/service are redeemable in the same country.

    • How does it work?
      The diagram below illustrates how Tumira works.

      Register on your Cellphone
      Buy goods or voucher
      Make payment using Online banking or at instructed Shop
      Receive and send collection OTP
      Present OTP at Shop and collect goods

      Is it really reliable?
      Yes, the Tumira technology has been extensively tested and works on any cellphone.

      How fast can I can medicines to my family in Zimbabwe?
      It is instant if you pay for the medicines using an FNB account but can take up to 3 working days if you make payment via a different bank

      How do I sign up?
      You dial *120*128# on your cellphone to register

      How much does it cost?
      R20 per transaction

      Is it already working?
      Yes, but it is currently only working on a pilot basis in Partnership with Medix Pharmacies in Harare. Only people who have signed up to participate in the pilot can participate.

      NB* Please see the Frequently Asked Questions for more info