Assisting Zimbabweans and other Africans to buy medicine for their relatives back home
With the economy in Zimbabwe starting to take another downturn and medical expenses rising, how can Zimbabweans abroad help with medicines and medical supplies?
After a brief respite, the economy in Zimbabwe seems to be heading south again and people are struggling to access important healthcare services.
When the economy takes a dive it is usually the most vulnerable who suffer which includes, the sick, children and women.
Many Zimbabweans suffer from chronic illnesses such as HIV, Diabetes, and Hypertension etc. and are therefore in need of chronic medications.
For the average Zimbabwean, medication is expensive and costs are continuing to rise.

Many Zimbabweans are dying because they cannot access healthcare and medicines when they need them.
People in the diaspora are sending money for medicine and other healthcare services but the money is being diverted to cater for other urgent needs such as food and school fees for the children.

So how can Tumira assist?
Tumira has partnered with Medix Pharmacies based in Zimbabwe to help Zimbabweans in the Diaspora buy medicine for their relatives back home using a cellphone. With Tumira you can make sure that your family and friends in Zimbabwe can access the medication they need, when they need it without worrying about huge costs and the countless paperwork required to send money. Tumira/Medix partnership will work as follow:
Register to use Tumira by dialing *120*128# in South Africa
Dial *120*128# login into Tumira and Buy a voucher for the value of the medicine, which needs to be collected in Zimbabwe
Make Payment for the voucher using your Internet banking and specify the One Time Pin (OTP) you received via SMS from Tumira as the Recipient Reference
Receive collection OTP (one time pin) from Tumira and SMS or phone OTP through to loved one in Zimbabwe and tell them your secret reference
Your relative in Zimbabwe presents OTP (one time pin) at any Medix Pharmacy and collects the goods.